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Cashmere Wraps and Toppers

Wrap yourself in luxurious cashmere made with the highest quality and care.


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The Malibu Lifestyle is casual with a touch of elegance.

When styling yourself and in doubt, MalibuBasics is what it's all about. Inspired to develop a high-quality brand of timeless fashion, while giving back globally, MalibuBasics was founded.

Quality & Designs

All of our products are designed to elevate any outfit and always be in style, as our items are classic, and definitely a necessity for everyone's closet. 

Various brands compromise the quality for cost reasons, and this is due to cheap manufacturing. At MalibuBasics, we believe quality should never be compromised. Only the finest 100% Grade-A Cashmere is used from the goats found in the high Himalayas, specifically Nepal.

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Quality without compromise.


Education & Jobs for the Nepalese

After researching the cashmere industry in several countries, it became clear that Nepal was the community to partner with in creating luxury cashmere toppers.

Not only does our manufacturer create the softest and highest quality cashmere tunic sweaters, but it also provides jobs and education for women in Kathmandu. We take pride in that these women, who would have just been limited to housewives, are now able to be creative and dexterous.

Our cashmere clothing manufacturer donates and supports projects to develop school libraries for the students in the villages to secure their future by getting the proper education they deserve. Thank you for your support and contribution in helping their livelihood!


MalibuBasics is affiliated with the following charities & foundations:

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Young Hearts
Open Hearts
Alliance of Moms
Sea Save Foundation_
Mending Kids
Boys and girls Club
Roots of Promise
Advocates of Idaho
The Gift of Life
California Wildlife Foundation Auction
CCF Wildfire Relief Fund